ideas para sorprender en una conferencia

Would you like to surprise at a conference?

A conference represents authority about a subject, rigour and professionalism. The main role often falls on the speaker or group of people participating in the debate. However, today there are many other aspects that should be considered. Therefore, if you are planning to organize a conference, taking note of these ideas to surprise your audience and achieve the desired success.

  • A conference need not be synonymous with classic, formal event and subject to marked protocol. There are all kinds of conferences where appear certain communication strategies that will allow you to surprise. This is where comes into play interactive and audiovisual field.
  • The videos are a key resource to support the speaker’s speech. You can use them to stimulate to the public, explain all type of information and put in context. The image has a great power of attraction.
  • Play with the scenographic elements and surprise with different lights and different environments. This aspect is key to the attention of the public. You can move by the stage, create security and arouse the interest.
  • The sound also can help you to achieve the success. Opt for different tunes or music to your conference and which will guide the message. In this way, the impact will be greater.
  • The public is an essential part of a conference. You must interact with the attendees. Get questions, create intrigue or opt for different games that makes the audience feel involved. Listen to all kind of arguments and favors a participation and a feedback continuous. You can do an initial question and resolve it to the end, to create excitement. Create a dynamic, interactive rhythm and get the public is always attentive.
  • Your conference must be present on social networks if you want to multiply the reach. The digital strategy is key. Create a hashtag and spread your conference by the network. Share photos, videos and create a trivia game or a contest… In this way, you will get foster the participation of the attendees and will multiply the impact of your event.

These are just some of the ideas to surprise in a conference. There are many possibilities to succeed and get the public to enjoy a great experience. Originality, creativity and much interaction.