¿Qué es un evento responsable?

What is a responsible event?

A responsible event promotes the sustainable growth of the planet, puts into practice a whole series of measures that promote both local as a global environmental, social and economic development. Today, there are very few events that take into account these aspects, perhaps because of the difficulty of developing events that meet 100% the requirements of «responsible». We found isolated actions sustainable in many events, but, what does really make a responsible event?.

Whether a fair, an exhibition, a conference, or any other corporate or sporting event, the sustainability of the event can be met in any of them. The event should address ecological and environmental criteria and thus reduce negative impacts. Responsible events are those that promote the local economy, join cultures and societies and reinforce the objectives of everyone involved on them, employees, company, beneficiary entities…

With a responsible event are reinforced business goals of customer loyalty, motivation, social scope, competitiveness, development of capacity for team work, improvement of climate and relations of the organization and increase the visibility of the identity and corporate image, among others. There are many factors to be taken into account when organizing an responsible event.

At the level of audiovisual equipment, we have to use the appropriate sound elements, bet for LED lighting that reduce energy use or in terms of advertising have recycled materials for promoting physical act, among many other actions. The results are certainly significant.

Develop a 100% responsible event requires a commitment of each of the parties involved and a quality work. The goal is more than clear, reduce the impact of the actions on the environment. Although today still do not abound, sustainable events will become a subject in the very near future.