La tecnología de celebraciones y bodas

Wedding and celebrations technology

Today, weddings have turned into large mass events where not missing a single detail. In terms of decor, it is the best, because we can find in celebrations all kinds of decorative elements. And not just talking about a careful set design and detail, but today are also very important audiovisual equipment in such celebrations.

Sound systems are usually basic in this type of celebrations that every day we work them more. During a wedding or celebration there are different interventions both players and attendees and it is necessary that the sound reaches everyone. So, we must have microphones, speakers or other sound systems. Also, we can not forget the music, something very characteristic and that is the protagonist of much of the event. Therefore, pay attention to the different equipment with which you count to ensure at all times quality sound and clear.

The projection screens also tend to occupy a main place in these events for all types of presentations. Succession of images or informal videos that liven up the atmosphere and give that character visual and emotional at the event. You must choose a type of screen or another depending on the dimensions of the place or if it’s an open or closed space.

Lighting is also a key issue in the events and in this case at weddings because they provide character and personality to the place chosen. Depending on the scenario, a type of light or another is necessary. We talk about LED lighting, light source or even other options as different pendant light bulbs, bright stars, light curtains… there are many options today are used to acclimate a wedding and thus promote a unique and magical atmosphere. In addition, all depends on if it’s an outdoor or indoor event, since the light characteristics change completely.

In Stereo Rent we want to make your event unique and memorable, and so we have all the necessary equipment, both staff and audiovisual systems, so that your celebration reaches the desired success.