Virtual reality

Virtual Reality lands in 2016

After much time trying to reach the consumer market, is now when VR technology (virtual reality) is foreseen a major rise up, with amazing quality, powerful processor and screens that can introduce us in a still unknown and unprecedented audiovisual world.

This time, Virtual Reality has reborn with strength, to settle in our lives. It is expected that in 2016, 14 million Virtual Reality devices will be sold worldwide and thereafter, the growth of this technology will has no limits. The problem that always brakes the Virtual Reality is the difficulty to implement this technology successfully in real life, to achieve the user the creation of an image with different perspectives having the feeling that is in a three-dimensional world on a 360 degree surround environment.

Some companies are already betting on this technology devices, in most cases, headphones, viewfinders, which immerse the user in another world, another three-dimensional place. And in 2016, landing major products like the HTC Vine, Oculus Rift (Facebook) or Project Morpheus (Sony).

Although the main use expected of this technology is applied to virtual games reality sector, gaming, and digital worlds created by computer, the real challenge is there. And it is none other than the development of new content and a future full of possibilities and new experiences that modify our daily way of life.

From Stereo Rent, we have developed several projects that have included the VR and given existing results, especially in presentations and product launches.

We have the equipment and expert staff to implement it and we will help you providing all our knowledge to your idea of ??the event.