La experiencia del usuario, clave en cualquier evento

User experience, key in any event

Organizing an event requires a planning to detail where nothing can be left to improvisation. The content, audiovisual equipment, space, scenery.. Each of these aspects must be careful and integrated to achieve the overall success of the event. So far so clear. However, another element which today takes on a key role in organizing events refers to the user, the assistant or participant. Connect with the public and provide it a great experience should be the main objective.

Companies must offer quality content coupled with a technology that favors that connection and that participation of the assistan. Thanks to this, the user experience will be enhanced and increase customer loyalty. The public wants to participate, wants to try, learn, discuss and share information and experience in the events. That is why, it should occupy a privileged position, thus favoring its commitment to the brand.

It should encourage the user experience from minute one and even during the days before the event. Through the app the event, you can create surveys to measure the level of interest or alerts to emails requesting review to any of the contents, among other possibilities.

Furthermore, during the course of the event, interactive surveys can be made to users participate and interact with other attendees, or else they can send questions or concerns to the speakers so that there is a bidirectional relationship at all times. The technology provides that extra value to the event and encourages the participation and connection with the audience. In addition, separate yourself from the competition and to introduce surprise elements are factors that can also generate memorable sensations in the audience.

The goal is to create a unique and personalized experience. Strengthening ties with the client through different actions that can favour the success of the event. Technology can help you do this, and for this reason from Stereo Rent, we want to help you achieve a remarkable user experience.