Final Cut Prox

The video, your best equipment in any event

Today, the audiovisual content is important in the business sector and especially in the world of communication and advertising. Video helps and adds value to any product or service that we offer, in addition transfers a transparency and a plus of quality in terms of the information that we propose. It is an essential part of any event, either user-level or corporate level.

One of the keys for a successful video, besides the content refers to the same issue and come the different programs used. Stereo Rent have several equipment to offer a perfect video editing and provide a high quality finished product.

Firstly, we have the Avid Adrenaline system, which is a nonlinear editing platform with HP8200 workstation. This equipment edit the most significant contents of high resolution and quality. In addition, through this system you can manage, edit and distribute information quickly and conveniently. It is a professional tool that generates an effective finish for any kind of any event.

Secondly, we offer the popular Final Cut Pro X, platform HD nonlinear editing workstation Mac Pro dual core 6 processor. It is a system that has evolved greatly over recent years and offers excellent performance at time of editing. Since improvements in colors, new masks, powerful… A number of features that consolidates this system in the market. And proof of this is that some Hollywood movies (Focus, Will Smith, 2015) have been edited with this system.

The most important now is to know which system to choose, even though the quality and the success of your video is guaranteed thanks to any of these platforms.