Las posibilidades de la tecnología 3D en los eventos

The possibilities of 3D technology at events

3D technology is the present and future in a large number of sectors and business areas. It adds value, innovation, differentiation and an unforgettable experience for those who live it. So today we want to highlight some of the possibilities that 3D technology can offer in organizing events, a sector that should undoubtedly be at the service of these technological advances to achieve the desired success.

3D technology offers a full horizon of possible applications, such as the possibility of visiting a space virtually and from any device. So event organizers will not move to the physical space to meet and assess the capabilities of the place.

In addition, it is a technology that provides considerable benefits also for the public and attendees, who through it have access to all relevant content, as well as interactive maps, images, videos and various detailed descriptions of the different areas. This technology promotes attendee virtual tour easily and quickly. It is a way to promote spaces and infrastructure so that companies and event organizers decide to choose one place or another easily. Uses the 3D possibilities to also provide video coverage of 360 degrees, creating parallel worlds with immersive glasses or try new products through a screen, among many other applications. Cutting-edge technology will no doubt make a difference of the event.

3D printing is another current technologies and can be incorporated into the events industry with different possibilities, such as designing a space, create elements of the stage or prefabricated parts for assembling and disassembling a place in just a few hours.

From Stereo Rent bet on 3D technology for both the company and attendees enjoy a unique experience. Therefore, we have all kinds of audiovisual equipment such as 3D projectors and screens and manage the productions and all the contents so that the end user does not have to worry about anything.