Proyector para eventos

The perfect projector for each type of event

When organizing an event it is essential to have assistants, catering and decoration of the venue, but there is another aspect to consider, and every day become more important and is the type of projection screen that will be used. The most important is to know what is the best, and so we have to know whether it is a professional event, a large-scale event or otherwise if is an event that does not require such formality.

Firstly, there is the tripod projection that refers to a type of screen with ideal characteristics for single events and a projection that does not need great effects. They are demanded by its ease of use and convenient transportation to be foldable and easy to assemble and it can be adapted to different heights.

Secondly, there are the frame projection screens, which refer to a type of screen with an aluminum support with 2 lateral “legs”. They are also characterized by ease of use, as both the frame and the fabric are foldable and it promotes the assembly.

Third, there are projection screens with truss used for larger events and require higher technology. It is the only type of screen that offers a panoramic resolution of 16:9 by a firm supports formed by a fabric and structure. It also has a high-quality image.

Finally, there is the option of having LCD or DLP projectors. First, are characterized by a natural color that gives a significant brightness to images. By contrast, DLP technology offers a high level of contrast and highlight for its precision images

A number of features that make these displays or projectors an essential element to make your event a success.