La importancia de la campaña online de un evento

The importance of your event marketing campaign

When organizing an event, we not only must take into account all aspects of planning and development, staff, location, stage, technology assistants… Another part key which will favour the promotion and dissemination of the event makes reference to the campaign online. A series of actions that we are going to make to spread the event and thus multiply its reach. Today we focus on that aspect.

The marketing and communication of your event are keys to reach your target audience and get a greater number of attendees, who feel involved and get involved… Does not help meet the other requirements of logistics and organization, if we do not make a promotional campaign and our target does not attend the event. In this case, we focus on the online media where we must focus the actions, both before, during and after the event.

Social networking is a creative communication channel, fast and there is where you’ll find your audience. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will help multiply the expectations of your event. Share photos, videos and graphics of the organization of your event, experiences, doing contests… involves the public. Contact your sector influencers, define a hashtag that favours viralization of your event, also in real time.

LinkedIn also occupies a role main for corporate events and it allow you to create specialized groups and thus achieve a professional audience with corporate actions. E-mail marketing actions also acquire much importance, since they allow you to segment the audience with completely custom messages and economic campaigns.

The audiovisual content is acquiring a key role in the network, so you should bet on it to promote the event. Create a need in the public and get multiply attendance. The blog is also important to inform, present and disseminate your event. Content marketing is still king on the Internet.

Don’t forget to opt for retransmission of the event via streaming to reach a greater number of attendees and continue your strategy of broadcasting on the network.

Your online campaign does not end when the event ends. Is there when you must remove conclusions, make reports, thank the assistance, spread videos and bet by publications in other media or blogs specialized. And you, would have performed any of these actions to promote your event? What are waiting for?.