EL después de un evento

The «after” of an event for the company

When developing an event, the work does not end with the production. Is there when another very important part starts where the client measures the effectiveness and promote them. When the event is over, it is essential to assess the objectives achieved. It is time to understand and analyze public reactions, interactions and relationships created both at the event and through social networks, media or analyze new contacts made, among others.

Measuring the success of an event is so important as its planning and development. It is the assessment phase to measure the return on investment to check whether it was appropriate. But the key question is, what you get or Can a company get a business after an event? The answer is very large: Bigger social impact through social networks and media, credibility, consolidation, relevance…

Events are key to approach to your audience, it is one of the main contributions. Interact and develop a bidirectional relationship with potential customers is essential for the growth and development of the company. Thanks to events, will increase your database and your sales depending on the success achieved.

In addition, this phase of the event allows analyze mistakes and successes and apply them for upcoming events. Assess the organization, distribution, staff work, their attitude, the treatment accorded to the customer, the transmitted image… There are aspects to be examined afterwards. It is a very important analysis situation that allows the company to focus and optimize its project for the future. In addition, it is recommended to check the views of different assistances (employees, audience, suppliers, media…) via online quiz, as their reviews are very useful for the company.

It is important to analyze one by one the objectives that had been raised at the beginning and check whether or not been accomplished. Assessing all these aspects brings industry knowledge to the company, over competence and most of all, allows you to improve, adjust or propose new options for the future.