espectacle visual amb el vídeo mapping

Surprise your guests with a visual show thanks to video mapping

In any event if the guests are surprised with something original and unusual we catch immediately their attention and we will achieve that they will carry a memorable and special memory.

Looking for a way to impact? Video mapping and 3D projection are two techniques that allow, through the application of new technologies, achieving amazing results.

This technique is based on images projection and videos on real surfaces, such as buildings. The result is a moving or 3D effect that gives the viewer a visual show like no other.

Often these projections goes with background music or sound effects to get more impact giving life to surfaces thanks to optical illusions.

To make the content look perfectly, we suggest the video mapping in indoor spaces or at night where no brightness is lost and the result is spectacular.

Do you want to incorporate this innovative technique in your event? Contact us and we will offer video mapping options and the most spectacular 3D projection.