Traducción simultánea en los eventos

Simultaneous translation for events

Languages can not be a barrier. Therefore, in international events or large events where several languages are the protagonists, it is important that language and communication is understood by each of the attendees or speakers in the same way. This is where the simultaneous translation equipment appear. A technology to give the event an international character and at the same time promote its development.

Simultaneous translation is one that is done in real time and in parallel with the speech. While the speaker is talking, the original speech and the translation or interpretation are overlapped. In Stereo Rent we have simultaneous translation equipment of last generation for all kinds of events, such as corporate events, conferences and fairs, among others.

Our technology adapts to all needs and spaces, both small and great events, and also you can combine the use of several languages. The objective is ensure that those that it need, receive the information translated from way simultaneous to the speech.

In Stereo Rent, we have 2 types of simultaneous translations: analog system (Philips) and digital system (Bosch) with all its own equipment: interpretation booths, radiators and receivers up to 32 channels. We also have translation packs available with different configurations suitable for number of attendees. Each pack includes: 1 CCU, 1 transmitter, receivers, radiators, earphones, interpreter desk and booths. We have packs up to 1,200 receivers and 8 interpreters booths.

Trust our systems of leading brands and multiply the reach of your event. Our technology guarantees smooth communication of the highest quality. Do not hesitate and rent your simultaneous translation equipment now!