unidad móvil


Managing an event, whether large-scale or to perform simple outdoor footages, means the use of a mobile unit that gives suitable coverage of the event and allows move the Set TV to anywhere and anytime.

We speak here of the mobile units, used mainly for Sports shows, large concerts, open-air events, serial or break news for live broadcasts. These units make reference to a Complete System of Technical and Production Control as you can find in a TV Show, but with the difference that is installed in a vehicle. This equipment, has all kinds of elements as sound controls, tripods, portable cameras, lenses, broadcast table, magnets…

Thanks to a radio frequency link the Unit can be connected to TV station, offering coverage and live broadcast. Is an essential system for large scale productions or previous event recordings to be later edited. Besides this, can also transmit to another Mobile Unit and store video signals.

In Stereo Rent we are aware of the importance of these systems for large events and we offer a team of six Sony BVP-E30WSP Cameras of 14 progressive bits 16/9, a Snell mixer & Wilcox Kahuna, Sony monitoring, a Grass Valley K2 4 bidirectional channels Video Server, an Avid DEKO 550, four different magnet formats as needed, and a Yamaha 01V96 audio mixer and a Clearcom Eclipse Pico digital matrix intercom. All the necessary elements to provide an efficient, professional and high quality coverage.