Mappings para eventos de empresa

Mappings for corporate events

Today, the companies focus their efforts on the development of events or social events to reinforce their brand, attract customers, presenting products, services… 3D projections and video mappings have been gaining ground and have become a key element in these events.

The aim is to generate audiovisual content that will surprise the audience and promote the success of the event. 3D presentations with a modern, elegant look are achieved. The images are often projected on buildings and other real surfaces or everyday objects, and also different sound effects are used to further the effectiveness of the show. From Stereo Rent we have a wide range of projectors to get a high quality video mapping.

Our Christie Boxer 4k30 projector is ideal for a great audiovisual show. With its DLP technology, contrast and sharpness are excellent. The results are perfect with high quality images and outstanding projection is reached. In addition, the 30th of October will take place the time change so it’ll come night before. It begins an ideal time to offer a spectacular video mapping in your event, which will get to capture the attention of all attendees.

Thanks to these audiovisual techniques, can be added different dimensions to an image, and can generate movement to a static surface. Thus, a spectacular audiovisual presentation is achieved with a narrative that promotes cohesion and development of the event.

The result is innovative and very attractive. The video mapping gives to your corporate event an added value and thus, success is almost guaranteed. Opt for this technique and get a shocking event with our projectors and our audiovisual equipment. See you in Stereo Rent!