AERO-DAS CA 28A line array

Line array sound outdoors

Provide a coherent and unified sound is the key objective of any event. Therefore, today we want to focus in Line Array system and two models in particular, AERO DAS CA-28A and CA-215A. They are two systems, designed as modular systems, and joined other units offering a linear source of sound high directivity and performance for sound to all kinds of spaces.

Aero Das CA-215A system is an monoamplified low frequency unit with latest technology in speakers 15GN in a configuration of direct radiation. It weighs 64,5kg and allows coupling to other CA-215A or CA-28A units. It is a user-friendly system that can be easily transported thanks to its wheels and their units can be rotated for increased coverage.

On the other hand, in Stereo Rent we have Aero Das CA-28A system, a biamplified two-way compact array model, which is used to join other units safely, quickly and easily. Its result, without gaps, improves the performance of the system and offers high-quality sound. A single sound source that also allows significant energy savings.

Thanks to these two systems with advanced technologies, a perfect Line Array for sound to all kinds of outdoors locations with quality results is achieved. Trust Stereo Rent and get a perfect sound for your event.