Votación interactiva para eventos y congresos

Interactive voting for events and conferences

Interactive voting in events is a key tool to engage the audience, stimulate and evaluate their degree of attention, participation and knowledge. It is a way to build interactive events where the attendee is protagonist. Thanks to an interactive voting system you can optimize the results of an event, maximize public participation, enrich a presentation, get valuable information or instant feedback on a particular subject or product, evaluate opinions and impressions…

Stereo Rent has the interactive voting system, Turning Point, which transforms standard PowerPoint presentations into a powerful two way communication tool. Through this system, a PowerPoint presentation it is made, where moderators and presenters can display questions, surveys, opinion polls and all kinds of complex problems that require audience participation. In this way, the public can participate and select a response via their input device. All responses are transmitted to the presentation computer for data collection and displays the results on screen. Real-time feedback is generated, and an exchange of views and ideas between the public and the moderators are encouraged.

Rent now your interactive voting system and create sessions where the audience is the protagonist. Thanks to this instant two-way communication, the success of your event will multiply.