cómo organizar un evento en verano

How to organize a summer event?

Summer begins, the best time to organize all kinds of events outdoor, sports, cultural, corporate… Good temperatures favor the participation of a large number of participants and the good development of an event, and can take advantage of many possible scenarios to bring innovation and creativity. Organize an event in summer requires a set of guidelines that can ensure success and fulfill the objectives.

  1. Event day or night? It is the first thing you need to decide because almost everything depends on it. If they are more formal events choose outdoor places, esplanades, tents, halls open spaces… And if it is at night, you can add to your decor torches or lighting with candles that will bring warmth to your event.
  2. Planning is basic and you must initially mark the magnitude of the event, the number of attendees, so you can organize all the material and hire enough staff to different areas (security, cleaning, lighting …).
  3. Music is a plus in the summer events. It provides good atmosphere and favours the good development of the event. Support the event with a DJ or a technical equipment of quality that allows acclimate entire space. Sound system, speakers, microphones
  4. If it is corporate events, offer catering with seasonal products refreshing, as well as frozen drinks and colorful fruit tables, nice at this time. You can make a outdoor cocktail terraces in or gardens. Informal meetings to make group and socialization actions among all employees.
  5. It is very important to have thought out a plan B if the weather fail. Opting for umbrellas, awnings or tents to protect from summer rain possible and as protection from the intense sun.
  6. Opting for a decoration according to the event, the scenary chosen and the time. Summer allows a wide variety of items and play with environments full of color and light. It brings creativity and innovation to favor the surprise of the audience.

These are just some tips to organize a summer event that meets expectations. Recalls the importance of having a professional team to help you every step of the way. From Stereo Rent, we offer you everything you need to make your event reaches the desired success.