¿Cómo organizar una maratón?

How to organize a marathon?

It is time to marathons, races, sports outdoor events that put an end to a several months work, since organizing a marathon is a task that requires great pre-planning and great organization. You need to pay attention to many aspects if you want to succeed in a sporting event. It is more important even the «before» of the act, that development, since the result depends on previous work. So today we focus on the organization of such sporting events.

  1. Organizing a marathon requires pre-planning of at least 6 months. It is an event of great features and therefore requires a lot of work. You need permissions, a range of budgets, sponsorship, sufficient staff, volunteers, a location…
  2. The preliminary analysis of the situation is the starting point to begin with the organization and mobilization of every one of the aspects involved. Pay attention to the dates that you choose, the location, the surroundings of the event, to the nearby services… Every detail is crucial in this type of event.
  3. The key word of these events is the logistics.
  4. Plan audiovisual equipments needed for the development of the career, markers, screens, computers… and elements of the scenery for the awards ceremony (scenario, stands…). Technology is a essential part of the race and will mark the final success of the event. This is important for both the before and the after the event.
  5. Create a website and an app with all necessary information for participants, volunteers and staff.
  6. Promote your event with all kinds of physical and online actions on social networks. Merchandising and advertising in media.
  7. During the development of the race, constant coordination and permanent attention to the assistant.
  8. Analyze the results and the development of the event in order to maintain or modify any mistakes for future editions.

These are just a few of the aspects that must be considered when developing a marathon. Without a doubt, organizing a sports event of this nature is not an easy task and requires much work. Therefore, in Stereo Rent we help you that your event meets the expectations and reach the expected success.