¿Cómo organizar un congreso paso a paso?

How to organize a congress step by step?

If you have thought to organize a congress, it is important to consider a number of elements. So today we give you some advice or suggestions to make a successful event as each of the participants enjoy a great experience from start to finish.

First, you must know the kind of congress you want to perform. Normally, an event like this will be developed through the participation of several speakers who discuss and expose over a certain topic. It is important to start the organization of the congress in advance to book all equipment needed. Take care of the scenery, look for auditoriums or large capacity venues ensuring an excellent logistics. The steps are the following:

  1. Choose well the date and place. It is essential that you plan in advance the suitable month and day for the development of the event. Visit various venues and book the place that best suits your purpose.
  2. Hire several speakers or experienced professionals to transmit their knowledge and bring that extra value to the event.
  3. Take care of the furniture and technical elements. Plan well in advance the number of attendees, suitable chairs, tables, lecterns, stage … It is essential to have the necessary audiovisual equipment. Rent lighting, sound, speakers, microphones, editing…
  4. Count if possible with sponsors and try to create partnerships with sponsors that support the success of the event.
  5. Hire a caterer. Think breaks and count with coffee and cocktail tables that make the conference more enjoyable.
  6. Develop program content.
  7. Sell advance tickets online form with discounts and promotions and send invitations to certain participants.
  8. Plan acts of congress presentation to the press and promote in social networks, blogs…
  9. Create a space for interaction and networking at the end of the congress.
  10. Delivery gifts and details for participants.

These are some of the suggestions that you should follow to organize a Congress step by step. Do not hesitate and count with Stereo Rent to organize a congress. We help you to develop each of the necessary steps to make your event reaches the desired success. The best service with the best quality and achieving excellent results.