Cómo organizar un concierto

How to organize a concert?

In summer, the organization of events multiplies. It is the ideal season to plan activities and develop all kinds of outdoor events, and today we want to focus on musical events. Organize a concert is a complicated task if the steps are not known. So today we give you some tips so you can organize a unique and exclusive musical event.

  • Set the budget you’ll allocate the event and study existing economic options
  • Define the physical characteristics, place where is to be performed and the chosen date
  • Design tickets and distribute them (lockers, shops, tourist office, radio…)
  • Look for sponsors who help you develop concert economically
  • Hire musical groups and coordinate their arrival, stay in place… (production department)
  • Set lighting and sound needs, and plan technology or audiovisual equipment you need for the development of the event
  • Hire an outside company that will help you in organizing, planning and development of each phase of the event. In this case, in Stereo Rent we have a professional team specialized in all kinds of events. We will help you to organize a unique and exclusive concert.
  • Promote and advertise the concert in local media,press and social networks. Ask the artists and the invited audience that spread and share videos on networks.
  • Offline advertising: flyers, posters…
  • Establish measures of workplace safety and health measures (staff)
  • Organize activities that generate excitement and attract public attention

A concert is not organized in 4 days, requires months of preparation and planning. Pay attention to all these tips and organize a musical event that make a difference.