¿Cómo realizar un evento responsable?

How to make a responsible event?

Organize a responsible event is not an easy task as it requires taking into account many aspects, such as the location chosen, materials, accessibility, transportation, logistics … A number of factors that will give the event characteristics necessary to make «responsible». Today we want to focus on that aspect with a few of tips.

  1. First, pre-planning and organization are key. We must take into account all the elements that we offer and cover in order to structure them properly. Only then the event will be a success.
  2. The location is a very important aspect. Depending on the goals of your event, choose the best scenary with place for all attendees in an area with good accessibility, and offer accommodation nearby.
  3. To get to the event, promotes public transport options with agreements with local companies, shared transport or bicycle and choose to provide bike parking with a security guard.
  4. When it comes to communicating and reporting in offline way about the event, opt for materials that follow ecological criteria, choose the inks used properly, format, color and cares for the distribution of that information or brochures. Segmented and studied, not random.
  5. If you’re going to choose to offer a catering, bet on seasonal products and local suppliers. Planning food supply, support, and offers a variety considering possible allergies or intolerances of the attendees.
  6. Choose LED lighting for the event because it will allow a significant reduction in energy use.
  7. When shaping the stands, opt for recycled materials and furniture. This is a key aspect for the event to be responsible.
  8. Place different containers to separate the garbage and multiple wastes generated at events and promote recycling among attendees.

These are just some guidelines to ensure that your event is responsible. But undoubtedly there are many more. Trust in Stereo Rent and bet on an event responsible and committed to the environment.