Ejemplo de Edge Blending en un evento

High Definition and quality with Edge Blending

When developing an event it is important to choose the appropriate projection system. Most conventional screens fulfill their function for different events of a smaller size or medium capacity, but the advance of technology is unstoppable and formats and screen sizes are evolving constantly. The trend is clear and is making ever larger and higher quality structures. So when it comes to developing large-scale events and with a significant number of assistants, the right system t to use is called Edge Blending.

It is a multi-projector, focused on various audiovisual conferences or events that require a large impact pictures with high quality and in large format. Edge Blending is allowing to use multiple projectors at the same time, emitting simultaneously in order to create a large screen with high definition image. In addition, a high brightness is generated through a system, a central part, connecting the images coming from each projector.

Thus we get a complete view to join the different images coming out from the projectors. In addition, there are different image formats as the number of devices are going to be used and the different types of projectors. They can be placed in column in matrix form or we can even put the projectors in a row. This system allows a visual display with a large image composed of multiple devices we use.

Is a perfect solution to offer presentations in high resolution and visually spectacular, thus, ensure the success of the event to a large number of attendees.