Iluminación en eventos

Get the perfect lighting for every event

Light creates space, accompanying the decoration, scenery and highlights different areas giving them a unique character. It is an essential aspect to keep in mind in any event as we are able to give different atmospheres and allows us to give personality to our act. It is therefore important to know what light must choose according to the characteristics of each event, whether it is day or night or is an indoor or outdoor event.

Lighting varies greatly depending on the type of event, the time and place chosen for it. We must find the most effective way to illuminate the different spaces, unlike the events that take place outdoors and during the day where the sun will be responsible for performing this function.

For outdoor events when natural light fades, it is important to have an indirect light, but at the same time we provide the necessary visibility all times. We must place the most intense outbreaks in major areas we want to highlight. In this case, the cold light is ideal for illuminating spaces relegated to the background, on a warmer light.

On the other hand, at indoor spaces, light becomes very important because it is one of the keys of the act. You must use a more intense lighting, being a more demanding event with lighting both background and main, depending on the area you want to highlight.

From Stereo Rent we will help you choose the right light and therefore offer all kinds of high quality equipment for events of any size and complexity, which differs between the cold light (Cotelux), quartz lighting (Ianiro 650/1000 / 2000W), HMI (gave up 400 / 1200W) and profile lighting (Strand lighting 600w). Thanks to these systems you get the perfect light for each event.