Personal Stereo Rent

Equipment rental company for events in Barcelona

Stereo Rent is a company specializing in equipment rental for all kinds of events in Barcelona. We know that organizing an event is not a simple task, and so we provide the customer personalized advice and to detail for success in each of their projects. We make an evaluation of the project, the necessary material and we offer the means and the most appropriate technology to meet the objectives.

We offer the customer a wide range of audiovisual equipment, such as edition, audio, video, telecommunications, lighting, image projection, computers, LEDS, simultaneous translation, mobile units and interactive voting systems. The most advanced technological systems on the market to make your event a success. In addition, we continue to grow every day to meet the demands of the sector and we are constantly adding to our store of equipment, all kinds of new systems that suit the needs of each event. From the beginning, Stereo Rent has always been at the forefront of the industry and we continue innovating and looking for alternatives, to offer and having the highest technology in the treatment of the image.

We have the most advanced facilities in the sector, 4.500m2 with the latest storage and logistics technology. Our staff manages both storage and maintenance of the stock and the integral management of projects and a completely personalized customer service. All equipment leaves duly verified with the appropriate bar code control. In addition, we also have workshops and personnel for repair and maintenance, in order to ensure that the material is always in perfect condition of delivery.

Trust Stereo Rent to develop your event. We offer global and comprehensive advice and installation of all necessary equipment to ensure the success of your projects.