¿Sabes cómo iluminar un evento de forma eficaz?

Do you know how to illuminate an event effectively?

When organizing an event, we are not aware in many cases, of the importance that this event meets as simple as lighting features. For outdoor events during the day or big fairs with a multitude of stands, lighting may not be as important as for other events such as cultural exhibitions, where light is the primary key. In an exhibition, normally offered different works of art or objects that are shaping and guiding the development and course of the event.

This is where the light takes the lead role, since it should highlight in detail each of the elements that you want to expose, placement, shapes or colors, textures, nuances… Thanks to the lighting, the visitor understands what he sees and it will guide throughout the tour event. It will mark the success of the exhibition. But it is important to know what kind of light must apply for each stage. It’s different if it is a temporary exhibition, where we will use flexible light systems, or if instead it is permanent. In addition, if it is outdoors it is important to place objects in a way to take advantage of natural light during the day and play with it. The combination of artificial and natural light will give great results by promoting greater control and concentration of the audience

The placement of the light in an exhibition will allow to highlight the features and details of the items that are displayed and will direct the view of the public towards the main focus. It is important to take into account a number of aspects when it comes to adequate lighting, such as the angle between the object and the light, the tone of the area that we want to reflect or possible obstacles of space, among other factors.

LED lighting is usually the most commonly used in this type of events and spaces by their high efficiency and quality of its light to highlight objects. But it all depends on the stage dimensions and elements that you want to display, so you will have to go to a professional to guide you through the whole process and thus get the best light for your event. From Stereo Rent, experts in lighting equipment, we advise you and help you achieve your exhibition to shine brightly.