Circuito de Alcañiz

Communication systems adapted to every need

To communicate with anyone from somewhere instantly it is now part of everyday life. Telecommunications move continuously through the development of complex systems that helps exchange. Telecommunications include technologies such as videoconferencing or video streaming and many existing systems that make suitable the communication needs of each user.

In one side is the video conferencing system that is developed through a two-way platform that connects directly via internet people from different places. Is a technology that ensures visual communication from anywhere in the world. There are two types of system communication via IP or ISDN or that which is done by software installed on each of the videoconference participants.

On the other hand, is the video streaming that allows through Internet a one-way broadcast platform send and receive audio and video content. From one place it is issued to different reception sites.

There are also systems that allow analog and digital simultaneous translation and include all the necessary equipment for installation, from translation booths approved by the EU, radiators or different receivers.

For a limited dialogue, exist the interlocutor or intercom, which is an independent system of voice communication, or even the well-known walkie-talkies that are transmitters and portable radio receivers.

There are a full range of options for every event or every need. The important thing is to know the features of each of them in order to choose the right system. In Stereo, we use TDT technology to deliver the video signal to LED screens at Circuito de Alcañiz.