Mappings para eventos de empresa

Christie Boxer 4K projector and its applications in video mapping

Winter is coming, the days become shorter and darken sooner, but no we must focus only on events indoors.

Is it time ideal for our Christie Boxer 4K projector. With this technology, we can carry out impeccable compositions for video mapping thanks to its native resolution of 4K, or to understand it well: 4 times Full HD resolution in a single image.

In Stereo Rent we are experts in this type of large projections in its countless applications. Sometimes it is about playful moments that are part of an overall concept and are embedded within seminars, festivals, or different kinds of cultural events, but at other times it is to reinforce a branding within presentation, loyalty or brand-building campaigns. We work with our client to develop the idea and forming a work team from the first day with our creative department.

It is not necessary that you have content, we help you create them and at the same time, our team technical will seek the best solution betting by the technology more modern to bring it to out. This projector has Christie Twist technology to perform blending and warping for projections on surfaces curved or irregular, without need of equipment external. It has 3-chip DLP to help us bring a greater clarity of image and greater contrast.

Dare with a large format projection and you will see excellent results. In Stereo Rent we have everything necessary to make it possible.