Tecnología iBeacon para eventos

Bet on “iBeacon” technology for your events

iBeacon refers to a proximity and location technology, to a positioning system that changed the way we interact with users at an event indoors. It’s a trend that is standing strong in the organization of events and it has a great potential for the planning, organization and development of an act.

iBeacon is based on a transmitter technology/Bluetooth of low consumption for interacting with a mobile client to detect proximity. This system finds devices that are on your radio’s reach to send them all kinds of information. Technology creates a virtual perimeter with a small ‘beacons’ which are placed around an area of interest (geo-fence), and picks up devices that are within this space. It has a range of 50 metres and is the user who has to accept or reject information from this technology.

The benefits for assistants as exhibitors are multiple, since it allows among other things, to improve the experience of the public of a congress or a fair. In addition, thanks to this tool, the user can receive information about the situation of the different stands, which will help to orient themselves. The public will receive personalized messages depending on their location and they can even be received with a welcome message. On the other hand, exhibitors also know quickly the time each attendee has spent in its stand and will learn about the behavior of the public. In this way, they can generate databases of prospective customers to send messages with a high segmentation and personalization.

Undoubtely, it’s a technology that will revolutionize the development of events, and that will facilitate the organization and work through a feedback and a two-way exchange between business and public. Many museums, stadiums or important rooms have already introduced it by the multitude of advantages. Bet on the iBeacons and make your event a guaranteed success.