Best performance for outdoor events

We give the welcome to the month of August and in Stereo Rent follow working in several outdoor projects. For the organization of these events our team takes into account specific technical aspects in order to use the most suitable video, sound, lighting and broadcast.

To distribute effectively the sound, the Line Array systems are a very good option as included multiple speakers but together behave as a single sound source. Therefore, our technicians can assemble several units according to the power they need and thus ensure good sound in each space.

On the other hand, at this time of year, daylight hours are longer than winter. So, depending on what time the event begin, we must dismiss plasmas as the visibility with daylight is not good to the audience.

The LED screens are an effective solution as its display is perfect even in daylight hours. Also, this equipment allows us to make a set up according to our needs.

Depending event timing, the lighting must be adapted to the different daylight hours and we must provide the most suitable environment to suit the specific needs of each moment.