Apps para eventos, clave en 2016

Apps for events, star trend in 2016

2016 is presented as a key year in the organization and development of events. New trends continue to change the way of planning an act of any type corporate, musical, cultural… events sector maintains a continuous challenge year after year, Evolving to meet the customer through multiple channels, from one technology to your service and optimization that enhances differentiation and enriching character of the events.

On this occasion, we want to focus on one of the clear trends that seems to come a big role every year, the apps. The technology is increasingly important in the sector of events organizing for the multiple possibilities it can bring to the company, the professionals, the public, and the media and in general to each of the aspects that shape a conference, trade show or event. It does not matter much the theme, or the number of attendees and not even the place, the technology overcomes each of these aspects to become the star key of the event this year 2016. And the apps will be the main element. Mobile apps are essential tool to strengthening customer loyalty to optimize the interaction before, during and after the event. In general, can improve the user experience, which will undoubtedly facilitate the success of the event.

Mobile applications provide the needed touch that makes the differentiation of any event and offer all kinds of features. From knowing the profile of the audience to connect with the most related people to the subject, to improve the work of the organization through various surveys and view the results in real-time people. And with an app you can manage the event in every way, offering interactive maps to the attendees, informing about the agenda, transmit live video, photos, receive feedback from the audience, reporting on the profile of participants / speakers integrate social networks and offer contests and live tests, locate nearby restaurants or associated with the event, as well as hotels, among many others.

Create an own app is one of the main keys to organize and plan an event from zero and also to measure and analyze the «after» of the act. It allows a more direct and personal contact with the audience and participants, who gives them a significant plus that will mark the ultimate success of any event.