Proyector 4k30 para cenas de empresa

4k projector for business dinners

Events and company dinners are often characterized by be presentations of products, data and balances, proposals… and it is important to have the appropriate audiovisual equipment that meet these goals successfully and thus provide professional event. Therefore, we propose the Christie Boxer 4K30 projector with high performance to surprise the audience by its quality and its results.

It’s a projector ideal for multi-projection, large format projection screens and videomapping. It has a 4k Ultra HD native resolution and 30,000 lumens that provide high-definition images, quality and sharpness. It is a system that has been rewarded as the best projector of the year at last edition of the AV Awards. It has DLP 3 chip technology which optimizes the performance and speed of response time and ensures an outstanding contrast.

Christie Boxer also can be used in any light condition, provides great results both technical and creative and can be set up in any position improving even central or vertically. In addition, its Twist technology allows to make blending and warping. It is small, lightweight and quiet which makes it perfect to be transported and easily manipulated.

Rent now your Christie Boxer 4k30 for your business dinners. Thanks to the performance and features of this system, corporate events acquire a successful result thanks to the spectacular nature of the images that are projected.