La importancia del diseño en los eventos

The importance of design in events

The design is defined as a creative activity, a configuration scheme or process which aims to project a series of objects, services and products aesthetically and attractive. It is to create images of something then you’re going to implement. When we talk about events, design becomes very important because it refers to the preview image and the scheme created for the event. While significant are the technical elements, lighting, scenery or sound, design is even more. It is a step up because it refers to a global image. It is a concept that includes all these aspects and give life and shape to each of them making part of the «whole».

When organizing an event, the first thing you should think about is the design, the concept that you want to create and how this concept will create visual and emotional image of the act. The evolution of technologies and social networks influence clearly in the planning, organization and development of events, and therefore also in the design, which must adapt to the world in which we live. The design establishes guidelines to be carried out in each aspects of the event, marks the decoration, the placement of the elements and the staff.

Planning is one of the keys of an event, but the design is the shape and should pamper and take care. It is the color line, is the character and style of the act, it is the tone and structure … The design should ensure that all the different elements of the event will combine perfectly and transmit coherence. There lies the success. And it is essential that companies have a good design when creating an event because it will reflect its identity and will transmit the brand value to all attendees.