Nuevos altavoces Bose F1 812 ARRAY

New F1 812 Array Bose speakers

In Stereo Rent we continue to grow in services and products and therefore today we present our new speakers 812 F1 Array Bose Model, which incorporate to our sound store to meet the needs in organization all kinds of events. It consists of top and a subwoofer.

It is a system that allows the user to adapt the sound to the needs of each space and different applications, and thanks to its four possible patterns of directivity, coverage can be controlled depending on the scenario or specifications place. This F1 812 is considered the first portable speaker, it has a power of 1000W and it is a set of speakers made up of eight of 2.25 inches for medium-high frequencies and for low frequencies it consists of a 12-inch transducer. It weighs 20 kg and has two inputs for microphones or mixers and XLR line output enables the mix of inputs or to a daisy chain with another speaker system. The subwoofer, with equal power, weighs 26 kg and has an input line and an output for sending the signal.

It’s a system, quick and easy asssembly that allows the optimization of the sound both towards a public level ground, in stands or on stage. With this new equipment, in Stereo Rent we continue to expand our teams store to respond to the demand of clients and companies and thus offer maximum quality of service in any of the possible scenarios.