La logística, clau en els esdeveniments esportius

Logistics, key in sporting events

Logistics refers to the set of necessary means that must be done to achieve an objective, in this case we speak of the successful development of a sporting event of any kind of nature. Logistics is a key aspect in any act but acquires a special dimension in this type of event, since each step of the organization must be measured, planned and designed in detail.

No matter the magnitude of it, the organization must be perfect forever. And that organization goes to take into account a number of previous aspects, during and after the event. If it is, such a race, you have to choose the place, measure it, certify it, develop the inscriptions, the media and the necessary forms, preparing kits for participants, awards or medals, graphic material and releases for the media, audiovisual equipment, sound, screens, projectors, scenery, stands, stalls hydration, wardrobe, bathrooms… The list is immense and everything must be planned accurately and warranty. Only in this way, success can be achieved.

Pre-event logistics is the most important part. Of this phase depends on all the development and subsequent stages. During the race, the important part of the events will be times and timing equipment, the judges, the staff required for the monitoring of the circuit both in place and in social networks. And finally, the third stage refers to reports for different sponsors, releases for media and surveys of satisfaction to the participants.

It is important that the viewer can follow in detail everything that is happening. For this reason our screens set on trucks are of great help. They are easy to install and with great definition. Indispensable in outdoor sporting events. From Stereo Rent we put at the client’s disposal all the means necessary to organize an event successful and guarantees.