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Light up your outdoor event with HMI

Do you need a lighting system for your event? In Stereo Rent we help you choose the right light for your audiovisual project (concert, conference, convention, exhibition, trade show, corporate event …) and we have in our store all kinds of lighting systems. Quartz lighting, lighting cut, cold light or HMI. Today we focus on the HMI lighting, ideal for outdoor events because of its features.

The HMI spotlights offer an intense and powerful light. In this case, we have two systems, HMI Desisti 1200W y HMI Desisti 400W. They have a Fresnel lens 6 «and its basic difference is the power. They can cover large areas thanks to the basic features of the HMI light, very useful to achieve effects of day. They are lightweight, allow a soft focus and they are easy to handle. Stand out for the quality of its results and by offer an intensity of light ideal for events to outdoor.

Lighting refers to a key aspect in any event, it brings personality and character to the place and allows offer different environments and attract public attention on various aspects. If you still have doubts about what kind of lighting to choose for your event, trust Stereo Rent and our professionals will advise you on the appropriate light for your project.