led screen

LED’s screens

Today, in the market there are different types of LED screens. StereoRent specializes in so-called modular screen or curtain type, as provide perfect visibility from any angle and at any time of day.

The first thing to consider is if it is an indoor or outdoor event, as there are screens that can be used in both cases such models ABSEN A10, ACTIVELED 16mm or LH1050J (outdoor) and others due its characteristics can be used only in a particular space, indoor (LEDMAN U4 + or LH0630J).

We have screen models from 2000 to 7500 nits. The screens have the advantage of being better even in the peak of its intensity and the most adverse conditions.

Depending on the distance between the audience and the screen, during the technical visit our professionals will decide the most appropriate type of resolution. The so-called pixel pitch is the variable that determines this resolution and indicates the distance between the LED’s (pixels in mm). Therefore, at smaller distance between pixels we will need a higher resolution 4, 6, 10, 16 and 20mm.

If you are thinking of doing an indoor event we suggest the Ledman U4+. The modules have small dimensions of 480mm x 480mm x 70mm and we can display up to 100sqm. The brightness is 2000 nits, the pixel resolution is 4mm and weights 8kg.

If you want ease of assembly, the LED screen truck is the best option. The screen dimensions are 18sqm, with a pixel of 10mm, 16:9 image aspects and a consumption of 10kw. This model has a built-in generator and can be performed in 1 hour.